10 * Basic Cotton Baseball Cap/Hat (Personalized with your CUSTOM TEXT or LOGO)

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  • 정가 $199.98

From Order to Completion

With strong customer trust and quality and technology that no other company can easily match,

we have gained competitiveness in custom-made production.

Our system, in which the customer selects and decides the entire process

from ordering to receiving the product, will provide better customer satisfaction.


You can order by mixing colors.
If you want to order mixed colors,
please tell us the color and quantity you want in a message when ordering.

1. Design to fit your intended use.
Selection of overall shape, material, color, graphic (embroidery, print)

2. Please message us your design (image/text).

3. We conduct specific consultations based on the order form.
Inquiries and consultations - Proposal production - Proposal confirmation - Production decision

4. We make sample hats by reflecting the contents of the consultation.
Sampling - Delivery - Customer Decision

5. Once the sample is confirmed, production begins in earnest.
Craft - Ship - Done

For Text Embroidery Please Provide:

1. Custom text (Text font style / color)
2. Text location (specify Front, Back, Left Side, Right Side etc.)
3. Add details/specifics in comment section at the time of placing your order.

For Logo Embroidery:

1. Custom Logo
2. Logo location (specify Front, Back, Left Side, Right Side etc.)
3. Add details/specifics in comment section at the time of placing your order.

Product Type: Basic Cotton
Material: Fabric (100% cotton twill)
Design: Custom Personalized Text / Logo

Products may take about 7 to 20 business days after ordering.
(Sundays or public holidays are not business days)

Shipping status will be confirmed by tracking number after customs clearance is cleared.

Custom taxes are not included in the item price or shipping cost and are the buyer's responsibility.

Your order will be canceled if you place an order with your PO Box address.
(We do not ship to domestic mailing addresses)
Returns are accepted but returned items must be in their original box, undamaged, unworn,
and can only be refunded within 7 days of receipt of the package

If the buyer receives an item that does not match the order,
we will bear the shipping charges incurred in the process.

If the buyer has received the correct item in their order but wishes to return or exchange it,
the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs incurred in the process.

If the item is returned in an unclaimed condition, we will refund you in full, minus shipping.

In the case of a customer's simple change of mind, if 3 days have elapsed from the product delivery date,
minor scratches contamination are not grounds for return.